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Methods of Administration

Topical Administration 

Topical forms are typically used as creams or lotions to treat localized pain and discomfort, delivering active ingredients to the bloodstream through the skin.

Peak effect: ~1 hour 

Duration: 3-4 hours 

Administration: Topical

Sublingual Administration

Sublingual forms are administered under the tongue and may be faster acting as the medicine is absorbed into the blood through the mucosal membrane in the mouth.

Peak effect: 15 minutes

Duration: 6-8 hours

Administration: Sublingual

Oral Administration

Oral administration is one of the strongest delivery methods out there. Unlike inhaled Cannabis, ingested Cannabis is metabolized by the liver. This means that more THC is converted into usable forms by the body.

Peak effect: 2-6 hours

Duration: 4-12 hours

Administration: Oral

Vaporizing Administration

Inhalation through vaporization is the fastest acting method of administration. When inhaled, the active ingredients of the product pass direction into the bloodstream from the lungs. Pharmacological effects occur within 5-20 of inhalation.

Peak effect: 15-30 minutes

Duration: 2-3 hours

Administration: Inhalation

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